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Article: Top 13 Modest High Neck Swimwear from LYRA SWIM

high neck modest swimwear

Top 13 Modest High Neck Swimwear from LYRA SWIM

Stepping into the water, be it the pool or the ocean should be an effortless act free from the burden of swimwear dictated by sportswear guidelines indifferent to personal modesty. LYRA swimwear caters to this ideal - the desire to reconcile personal comfort with the standards set by modern fashion trends.

Modestly stylish is the tagline that goes into the design of all our swimsuits. LYRA swimsuits have been featured in a whole range of fashion swimwear collections. We made it an art to design swimwear accommodating personal style that you will find it hard not to make it a year-round style.



The Ultimate Modest Swimwear

LYRA perfected a swimwear design that blends hardy resilience with perfect grace. Our swimsuits are made of an Italian fabric that can repel sand abrasion while you’re in the water, protecting you from the rough waves. The innovative breathable weave keeps the swimsuit light in the water and dries up within moments as you step out of the water. And if that’s not enough, the fabric repels UV rays to prevent sunburn while you enjoy the waves.



What better way to present your feminine beauty than to indulge in the luxury of LYRA swimwear? Presenting the complete collection of modest beachwear to keep you looking chic at the beach and in the water. Have a look at some of the premium range of high neck modest swimwear specially designed to accommodate personal modesty with unparalleled panache.



Unleash the power of your natural femininity with the vibrantly detailed Pastel Bloom swimsuit. Combining the simplistic pastel design with the dazzle of floral prints, this is one sure way to stand out on the beach.



Go forth that extra mile in style. The MENARA swimsuit is modelled along a surf suit design that would not be out of place on an evening stroll at the beach.



Radiate confidence with this unconventionally casual swimsuit. The draped design lends a carefree appearance that makes the sea appear just another room that you would step into.



A swimsuit that would not be out place on a catwalk, the regal GOLD swimsuit is quite simply the crown jewel of sports fashion. For extra comfort, it comes with an inner layer bodysuit.



The fit and flare profile flatters your inner beauty while the chic wrap design suggests a somber charm. The mandarin collar fits snugly to help maintain your form both in the water and without.



All aboard! This quirky sailor design is sure to fit right with the vibe of the beach. The panel design not only brings out the individual in you, but marks the sailor from the land-folks.



The chic HALIMA swimsuit offers detailing to flatter femininity, with a wrap design and side ruching detail. The streamlined design of the swimsuit accentuates your natural femininity and boosts your confidence with a loose-fitting silhouette. 



Passion and perseverance brought forth a swimsuit that simply redefines fashion trends. The sweeping design of ASRA with the contrasted detailing makes it no less a swimwear than an evening dress.



The wildly elegant design of AZTEC offers a feminine edge, the functional design belying the flattering fit that feels nothing short of a second skin.



Radiate pleasant vacation vibes with this elegantly crafted kaftan dress. Truly rustic in style for the adventurous spirit. The finely crafted breathable fabric offers a relaxed fit, with the handy side belt highlighting your sporty appearance. 



The breathable fabric gives a relaxed feel when you are outdoors, without weighing down on your style. The CORAL swimsuit is so elegant that you can simply throw it on effortlessly and make an impression.



An outfit that feels superior in every way, the boho chic dress features gathered panel detail on the peplum hemline, making it an excellent choice for draping over your shoulders after a swim. 



Sometimes the simple is the key to reinvent your style. Highlight your feminine beauty casually and demonstrate aesthetic grace with SOFIA in BLACK.


LYRA understands the uniqueness of every woman, and her need to be comfortable in the personal space of her swimwear without compromising her choice of looking good. Be it the pool or the beach, we reflect the spirit of adventure in taking that first step to be bold. 

We are always with you to help bring the revolution to your swim wardrobe. Find more stunning designs that match your mood and personal style at the LYRA online store. Come, take the next step in fashion with us!

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